The final glimmer of hope in this dark future, is you Su. You may not know much about you or the world around you, but remember this well Su. As long as you keep destroying, you'll stay alive.

Welcome to ruined city of Varkamon. You play as Su, a rebel renegade fighting hordes of enemy bots in a dystopian future. However, your life is directly tied to your money. As you fight you can grow your health pool, but beware as the legion of bots grows stronger with each passing second. 

A  Video Game Development Club at the University of Minnesota Project
Theme: Your Life as Currency
Semester: Fall 2021


  • Darin Krone
  • Julian Heyman 


  • Andrew Cao


  • Michael Boschwitz
  • Matthew Dixey
  • Christian Halvorson
  • Simone Toribio

Third Party Assets:

  • Background Music: Nighthawk22
  • Menu Music: xKore
  • Fonts: United Kingdom (Headers), Apex-Mk2 (Everything Else)


Dystopian Defiers 144 MB

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